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Bookfair FAQ's

//// Bookfair FAQ's

Who can host a book fair?
Any organization can host a book fair: PTAs, PTOs, schools, grade levels, individual classrooms, church groups, childcare centers and more. 

Do I need to be a tax-exempt or non-profit organization to do a book fair?
No; however, tax-exempt organizations will not have to pay taxes on their purchases. 

How much will I earn?

  • For retail sales $8,000 and over: 25% in profit or 30% discount on books
  • For retail sales between $4,000 and $8,000: 20% in profit or 25% discount on books
  • For retail sales under $4,000: 15% in profit or 20% discount on books

How long will my book fair last?
We recommend no more than two weeks. 

How many book fairs can I carry out?
You can host a bookfair monthly, quarterly, or year-round. It's really up to you and the level of support you receive from your parents and community. 

Can I promote my book fair on Facebook, Twitter, and my own website?
Absolutely! We can supply you with a Readers' Racks logo for use on your website and social media pages to help promote your bookfair. 

How will you help me promote my book fair?
Readers' Racks will provide a marketing kit with sample emails, posters, flyers, and social media copy to assist you in marketing your fair. 

When and how will I be paid?
Within 7-10 business days of the conclusion of your bookfair and submission of all reports, you will receive your payment notice with information on next steps. If you chose bookstore credit, the credit will be in your account. If you chose the cash option, a check will be mailed to the organization's address on file. 

How much does shipping cost?
We offer free shipping to the school. Shipping fees will apply for direct shipments to customers. 

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